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Skin Care Guide

Choosing the Right Dermatologist



Certified or Not


Almost any doctor can claim to be a specialist when it comes to skin. But to become a dermatologist, He or she must spend three years or more after medical school learning the different disorders of hair, nails, and skin. Most dermatologists have training in skin surgeries and other procedures.


Upon completing the training, the physician will take the "board exam" which is set for any kind of profession. The exam is usually given by the American Board of Dermatology, which all competent dermatologists should know about. Upon passing the said exam he or she will be considered board certified as a dermatologist.


 Being board certified doesn't guarantee that the physician or doctor will be a good dermatologist. But it is proof that the said doctor has completed the needed training and has proper knowledge in order to finish and pass the exam. The list of board passers is available at the American Board of Dermatology website whether he or she is a Boca Raton dermatologist or from Miami.


What is His Field?


If you are in the process of looking for a dermatology boca raton dermatologist, keep in mind to check the doctors field of expertise. Mostly all dermatologists are competent enough to handle most cases, but there are some who have special certifications in different fields of dermatology. Here are some examples;


o             Dermatopathology

o             Pediatric Dermatology

o             Clinical and Laboratory Dermatological Immunology


Aside from these certifications, most doctors have chosen to  focus on areas of dermatology that come interesting to them. The doctor may get the reputation of working mostly with allergy patients, or teens with severe acne conditions, or some patients with cancer. They might be called the cosmetic expert in town, with lines taking forever. On making or planning an appointment make sure that she or he is the right dermatologist for you.


Bedside Manner Counts


Most dermatologists can be the smartest people in the room, but if he or she has the worst bedside manner, who would choose them over a respectful one. Search for the physician who listens to what you need and all your needs. Doctors who seem preoccupied or have a lot on their head may not give you the best treatment you need. A great ultherapy boca raton dermatologist will have time to listen to you and answer your questions to the best of his ability. He would make you understand the situation and explain it to you in the simplest way possible.


Ethics is Important


Dermatology can be a very complex field. Aside from treating skin diseases, many offer cosmetic procedures. Most of these services include, laser hair removal, wrinkle treatments, which most of the time is not covered by insurance. Most dermatologists sell their special skin care creams and acne treatments.


It is totally common for dermatologists to charge and collect on cosmetic procedures or in selling personal skin care products as long as all patients get the proper care and leave satisfied, everything will be fine. Sadly, there are a few who take advantage and are more interested in capital gain rather than patient care. You know you have a decent dermatologist when he or she does not push you to purchase any unnecessary products. If you feel uncomfortable, it would be wise to consider switching doctors.